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No need to be over 21! Our strawberry daiquiri-scented Highball Candle part of our Cocktail Lounge will delight your nose not your palate. It might look like the popular drink since the white candle is wrapped in red glass but that's where the similarities end. This gorgeous candle is made from hand-poured soy blend wax. The strawberry daiquiri scent begins with top notes of strawberry orange and grapefruit infused with middle accords of peach coconut and a hint of lemon juice and harmonized with undertones of sweet vanilla and ginger. Cheers to all!

Lead and tin free cotton wick.
Burn time: 33 Hours.

Item weight: 1.00lbs
Item dimensions: 2.40" W x 5.70" H x 2.40" L
Materials: Glass Soy Blended Wax

Strawberry Daiquiri Scented Candle

SKU: 12010637
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